Video Tutorials: PhoenixAI Functionality

Much of the functionality of PhoenixAI has been documented in video format. Below is a group of videos ranging from 5 to 15 minutes in length, containing easy step by step instructions on how to use the respective areas of the program.

If you can't find a video on the topic you're after, have a look at the PhoenixAI Online Manual.

Core Functions

Initial Overview


This video shows you how to connect to the PhoenixAI servers and gives you an overview of each of the toolbars you'll find in the software.



A comprehensive guide to using workspaces in PhoenixAI.

Watch Lists


This video will show you how to create and use a watch list. It'll also show you how to change a watch list's layout, colours, fonts and overall appearance.



Learn how to bring up a chart and add & remove indicators.

More About Charts


Here you'll be learning about some of the the icons in the charts tool bar including Graph Explorer and Overlay.

Global Markets & Currencies (legacy)


This video will show you some tips and tricks for viewing global markets and currency codes. It will also show you how to add them to your customised watch lists.

Other Command Bar Windows


Goes through all the command windows that haven't been covered in one of the other videos: Market Depth, Trades, Trade Analysis, Symbol Details, Symbol Summary, Corporate Actions, Time Series, News, Daily Totals, Top Movers & Market Mosaic.


Advanced Features

Chart Alerts


In this video you will learn how to set a sound for your alerts and attach chart alerts to trend lines and half rays.



Here you'll learn how to use the inquisitor to scan the market for criteria matching your specifications. You'll also find out how to generate reports and save the filters so you can run them time and time again.

Auto Open


Learn how to automatically save and open charts in order to retain text and tools.

Viewing Options


This video goes through the 2 ways of viewing options: The 'traded options watch list' and the 'derivative quotes map'.

System Builder


Goes through how to build a trading system using crossovers of technical indicators as buy and sell signals in order to back test it in the system simulator window.

System Simulator


Find out how to run a trading system created in the system builder in order to determine how effective it is over historical data.


Current transcripts available for videos tutorials listed above are:

Initial Overview, Workspaces, Watch Lists, Charts, Global Markets and Currencies, Inquisitor, System Builder, System Simulator.